Nebraska Farm Numbers Decline

Nebraska Farm Numbers Decline

Nebraska's number of farms and ranches declined during 2013, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

The number of farms and ranches in the state, at 49,600, was down 400 farms from 2012. Numbers of farms and ranches in Nebraska with less than $100,000 in agricultural sales declined 400 farms from the year earlier while operations with more than $100,000 were unchanged from 2012.

Land in farms and ranches in Nebraska totaled 45.3 million acres, unchanged from 2012. The average size of operation, at 913 acres, was up 7 acres from the year earlier.

Nationally, the number of farms was estimated at 2.10 million, down 7,000 from 2012. Fifty-one percent of all farms had sales less than $10,000. Only 8% had sales over $500,000.

Neighboring states reported number of farms in 2013 and (2012):

  • Colorado: 35,600 (36,200)
  • Iowa: 88,500 (88,600)
  • Kansas: 61,800 (61,800)
  • Missouri: 99,400 (99,200)
  • South Dakota: 32,000 (32,000)

For more state and national information, see the national publication.

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