Nebraska Crop Condition, Progress

Nebraska Crop Condition, Progress

For the week ending August 3, cooler temperatures limited moisture demands of non-irrigated crops. However, another week of only scattered rainfall stressed dryland crops and pastures, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Irrigation continued non-stop in many areas.

Topsoil moisture supplies rated 10% very short, 39% short, 51% adequate, and 0 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 12% very short, 31% short, 57% adequate, and 0 surplus.

Field Crops Report

Winter wheat harvested was 93%, near of last year's 90% and 95% for the five-year average.

Corn conditions rated 2% very poor, 6% poor, 20% fair, 52% good, and 20% excellent. Corn silking was 94%, near 91% last year and equal to the average. Corn dough was 42%, well ahead of 13% last year and the five-year average of 32%.

Soybean condition rated 2% very poor, 6% poor, 22% fair, 54% good, and 16% excellent. Soybean blooming was 90%, equal to last year and the average. Soybean setting pods was 68%, well ahead of 46% last year and the average of 50%.

Sorghum conditions rated 2% very poor, 5% poor, 32% fair, 41% good, and 20% excellent. Sorghum headed was 56%, well ahead of 33% last year and 39% average. Sorghum coloring was 16%, well ahead of 0 last year and average.

Oat conditions rated 3% very poor, 18% poor, 27% fair, 49% good, and 3% excellent. Ninety-seven percent of the crop was mature and 82% had been harvested, near last year's 84% but behind the average of 87%.

Dry bean condition rated 3% very poor, 1% poor, 15% fair, 62% good, and 19% excellent. About 70% of the crop was blooming, behind 81% last year and the average of 80%. Dry beans setting pods was 25%, behind 36% last year and the average of 35%.

Alfalfa hay conditions rated 2% very poor, 7% poor, 31% fair, 51% good, and 9% excellent. The second cutting of alfalfa was 94% complete, near 91% last year and equal to the average. The third cutting was 47% complete, well ahead of 15% last year and the average of 33%.

Pasture and range conditions rated 6% very poor, 12% poor, 31% fair, 45% good, and 6% excellent.

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