NDA To Offer USDA Cost-Share Program For Nebraska's Certified Organic Industry

NDA To Offer USDA Cost-Share Program For Nebraska's Certified Organic Industry

March 27, 2009

Nebraska will receive funding from USDA to aid the state's organic producers and processors with certification costs, according to Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) Director Greg Ibach.Nebraska producers used $35,000 from this program in 2005 and 2006.

Authorized by the 2007 Farm Bill, the National Organic Program's (NOP) Cost-Share Program is designed to help producers and handlers of agriculture products obtain certification under the NOP guidelines. Those guidelines require certification and compliance with national standards in order to sell, label, or represent agricultural products as organic.

Producers and handlers can receive reimbursement for up to 75% of the costs of obtaining certification, with a maximum payment of $750.The actual cost-share amount will be based on a percentage of the total the applicant paid for NOP certification.  Nebraska has received $60,000 in federal funds for reimbursement to eligible participants.



Applicants must have incurred costs for organic certification or renewal certification between October 1, 2007, and September 30, 2008, in order to be eligible for cost-share reimbursement.  The funds will be reimbursed in the order applications are received, until the monies are exhausted, or until the eligibility period ends.  All applications for reimbursement are due by April 30, 2009.

To find out more about the program, Nebraska's organic producers and handlers should call NDA at (402) 471-4876 or 800-422-6692.

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