NDA Alerts Producers to Potential Tick Problems

NDA Alerts Producers to Potential Tick Problems

March 27, 2009

Nebraska State Veterinarian Dr. Dennis Hughes wants veterinarians and producers to be aware of a potential tick problem.

"We've received news from our counterparts in South Dakota about a situation they are currently seeing with ticks," said Dr. Hughes. "These ticks seem to be originating from herds of deer, and are infecting herds of cattle and horses."

According to Hughes, the ticks can cause severe blood loss and anemia, along with extreme scratching that leads to hair loss. The ticks are believed to have caused a substantial cattle death loss in South Dakota.

"We have not received any complaints at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture; however, we want to be proactive and alert our producers to be on the lookout," Hughes said.

Producers are encouraged to be vigilant, especially cattle near groups of deer or with animals that may be traveling into Nebraska from South Dakota. Treatment options are available, and producers are encouraged to speak to their local veterinarian about concerns.

NDA News Release, March 20, 2009

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