NASS Wheat Report

NASS Wheat Report

Just 34% of State's Winter Wheat Good to Excellent

Nebraska winter wheat condition rated 11% very poor, 18% poor, 37% fair, 31% good, and 3% excellent, according to a March 30 report from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service for Nebraska.

For March NASS reported temperatures averaged above normal with only limited precipitation falling in the western two-thirds of the state. Rainfall of up to an inch fell across much of the southeast and portions of northeast Nebraska, but western areas were short, prompting concerns from winter wheat producers. Producer activities included fertilizer application and preparation for spring planting.

Topsoil moisture supplies rated 16% very short, 38% short, 45% adequate, and 1% surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 13% very short, 29% short, 57% adequate, and 1% surplus.

Livestock Report

Cattle and calf conditions rated 0% very poor, 1% poor, 14% fair, 75% good, and 10% excellent.

Sheep and lamb conditions rated 0% very poor, 1% poor, 16% fair, 70% good, and 13% excellent.

Hay and roughage supplies rated 1% very short, 6% short, 90% adequate, and 3% surplus.

Stock water supplies rated 2% very short, 14% short, 83% adequate, and 1% surplus.


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