Market Journal: Reducing Soil Erosion with No-till Practices

Market Journal: Reducing Soil Erosion with No-till Practices

February 13, 2008


Farmers using no-till have found savings in fuel, labor, water and time and have reduced their soil loss. Paul Jasa, UNL extension agricultural engineer, and Dan Gillespie, a Battle Creek, Nebraska farmer, discuss how producers can update and implement proven conservation practices, such as no-till, to reduce inputs.


Other segments on this week's program include:

  • This is not a time to sell in the wheat market with Paul Burgener, UNL extension ag economics research analyst;
  • Livestock market report with Mike Briggs, Briggs Feedyard, Seward;
  • Cost share funds available from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to develop conservation practices with Roger Reichmuth, NRCS district conservationist; and
  • Ag weather update with Al Dutcher, Nebraska state climatologist.

On next week's Market Journal, Briggs will analyze the current livestock market and other guests will discuss cover crops and no-till production and the potential economic benefits.

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