Market Journal: Models Predict a Temperature Rise on the Great Plains

Market Journal: Models Predict a Temperature Rise on the Great Plains

April 27, 2007

This week's Market Journal features a story on the changes predicted by weather models for the Great Plains.

 Guest speaker Vikram Mehta, president and executive director of the Center for Reseach on the Changing Earth Systems,said the Great Plains are in the midst of a 10-20 year weather cycle. Models also indicated that global warming is apt to increase temperatures two to three degrees on average over the next 25 years. This will increase evapotranspiration and, Mehta said, necessitate a change in cropping practices.

Also on the program this week: 

  • Volatile corn prices, with Roy Smith, Plattsmouth farmer and marketing consultant.;
  • Water Legislation for the Republication River Basin, David Aiken, UNL Extension Water and Ag Law Specialist;
  • Toolbox Tips, Al Prosch, UNL Extension ag economics educator
  • Weather, with Al Dutcher, UNL state climatologist

On the next Market Journal May 11-13: By 2030, 30% of transportation fuels will come from renewable sources. Much of this will come from cellulosic sources which are yet undeveloped. A major challenge will be producing the necessary biomass while maintaining the quality and sustainability of our soils. Market Journal will look at another side of the ethanol question and discuss the challenges and opportunities for cellulosic ethanol. 

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