Market Journal Looks at Fall Manure Application Changes - UNL CropWatch, Oct. 19, 2012

Market Journal Looks at Fall Manure Application Changes - UNL CropWatch, Oct. 19, 2012

October 19, 2012

Producers may need to make some adjustments to their manure applications this year due to the drought. Tune in to this week's Market Journal discussion with UNL Extension Soil Scientist Charles Shapiro to learn more about the importantnce of testing for nutrient content and how to get the most effective application. (segment at right). 

Other topics on this week's broadcast include:

UNL Extension — Chuck Hibberd, the new dean and director of UNL Extension, talks with program host Jeff Wilkerson about the future of Extension and its work in Nebraska and nationally.

Landlord/Tenant Workshops — Allan Vyhnalek, UNL Extension educator, explains what participants can learn at the Landlord/Tenant Cash Lease workshops. (See the CropWatch story for dates and locations.)

Dairy Outlook — Dairy farmers were faced with some uncertainty after the expiration of the farm bill. Robert Tigner, UNL associate Extension educator, talks about budgets, exports and prices.

Weather Outlook – Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

Hog Markets — Ron Plain, University of Missouri Extension ag economist, says even though margins for the fourth quarter are bleak, prices are much better than a month ago. Ron also discusses feed costs, meat prices and where the industry could be in a year.

Unwanted Horses — Horses can become unwanted due to an owner’s personal and financial lifestyle changes, or horses can become sick, lame or injured. Kurtis Harms reports on how the drought is contributing to the problem, and what options horse owners have. For more information, see the NebGuide, Dealing with Unwanted Horses in Nebraska (G1966).

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