Market Journal looks at Effects of Dry Conditions on Grain Markets

Market Journal looks at Effects of Dry Conditions on Grain Markets

June 15, 2012

On this week's Market Journal:

Market analyst Elaine Kub discusses how continued dry conditions across the Corn Belt are affecting crop prices.

Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel discusses the potential for agri-tourism in Nebraska.

Steve Waller, dean of the UNL College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, discusses the importance of growing rural communities to keep graduates of the state's two- and four-year college programs.

UNL Extension and the Nebraska Soybean Board are featuring two July field days to focus on how producers can limit the spread and further development of herbicide-resistant weeds.

UNL Extension Climatologist Al Dutcher looks at the expanding drought in Nebraska as well as a forecast for the next two weeks.

Market Analysis — Elaine Kub of the ARC Group and author of “Mastering the Grain Markets” says the dry weather conditions are starting to impact the grain markets.

Agri-Tourism Development — Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel, UNL Extension specialist in entrepreneurship and business development, explains how and when agri-tourism developed and became a major part of the rural economy in some towns.

Growing Rural Communities — Steve Waller, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at UNL, says groups including the University and its graduates, communities and industries, need to work together to enhance and maintain rural communities.

Conservation Programs — Conservation programs may sometimes be overlooked with the 2012 Farm Bill debate still taking place in Washington. UNL Extension public policy specialist Brad Lubben explains the background, format, and outlook of conservation programs.

Biodiesel Uses — Biodiesel cannot only be used to fuel vehicles, but can also be used to heat homes in the form of bioheat. Terry Horky, a producer from Sargent and a director with the Nebraska Soybean Board, says the use of biodiesel in New York is beneficial for Nebraska producers.

Weed Management — Weeds have become a problem in many Nebraska fields, due to resistance. UNL weed science educator Lowell Sandell says UNL is hosting a field day event to help producers better manage weeds in fields.

Weather Outlook — Al Dutcher, UNL Extension statewide climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

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