Market Journal Looks at Effects of Drought on Grazing, Western Crops

Market Journal Looks at Effects of Drought on Grazing, Western Crops

July 9, 2012

Drew Lyon, Extension dryland crops specialist at the Panhandle REC in Scottsbluff, discusses effects of the drought on dryland corn and other crops.


 Aaron Berger, extension educator, reports on current range and pasture conditions and outlines various grazing options for cattle.

Jerry Volesky, extension range specialist at UNL's Wets Central REC in North Platte, discusses the deterioration of pastures due to drought conditions.

Extension State Climatologist Al Dutcher discusses the weather forecast for the next week.

Market Journal Producer Kurtis Harms takes a look at a Chinese grain port and talks with local buyers about what they're looking for in U.S. grains.

On the July 6 Market Journal Bob Klein, UNL extension western Nebraska crops specialist, talks with host Jeff Wilkerson about corn condition in west central Nebraska.  Even with precipitation at  49% of normal at North Platte, corn is holding its own but needing moisture, Klein said. He also discusses the recent wheat harvest and how high temperatures and lack of moisture affected yield.

Also on this week's Market Journal program:

  • Western Nebraska Crops — The lack of moisture in the western part of the state is taking a toll on dryland crops. UNL Extension dryland crops specialist Drew Lyon explains how corn, proso millet, and sunflower crops are doing in the Panhandle.
  • Hog Markets — Dry conditions continue to drive grain markets in the Midwest. Ron Plain from the University of Missouri discusses consumer demand, increasing input costs, and how hog prices can keep up.
  • Grazing Management — Most of Nebraska has been experiencing dry conditions, causing pastures and rangelands to become brown and dormant. It may also require cattle producers to take a second look at grazing options. Market Journal’s Kurtis Harms talks with Extension Educator Aaron Berger and Extension Rangeland Specialist Jerry Volesky about grazing management plans.
  • Cattle Feeding Options During Drought — Karla Jenkins, UNL Extension cow/calf and range management specialist, says there are options to feed residues and biofuels to cows in confinement. Feeding forages planted into wheat stubble may provide another option.
  • Exporting Grains to China — Market Journal’s Kurtis Harms shows where some U.S. grain arrives at a port in China.
  • Weather Outlook — Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, says temperatures in the coming week may cool down.

Next week on Market Journal

Roy Smith joins us to look at the recent surge of corn and soybean markets due to continuing weather concerns. UNL Extension soil scientist Gary Hergert shows how forages hold up in different moisture conditions, and the Market Journal team will share more about their visit to China.