Market Journal: Fine-tuning Your Marketing

Market Journal: Fine-tuning Your Marketing

April 4, 2008 

Financial management is important in times of prosperity as well as times of economy.

Producers should fine-tune their marketing systems so they are always selling in the top third of the market, recommends Moe Russell, president of Russell Consulting Group, Panoria, Iowa. Russell is a guest speaker on this week's Market Journal. with host Doug Jose, UNL extension farm management specialist. Producers should focus on balancing equipment and labor costs, use good agronomic practices, and have a good public relations plan, Russell says.

Also on the program this week:

  • Hog inventories up, prices down — Ron Plain, University of Missouri-Columbia, Extension Marketing Specialist
  • Taking steps to reduce energy use in spring operations — John Hay, UNL Extension Educator
  • Bedding barns in the feedlot? — Terry Mader, UNL Extension Beef Specialist
  • Weather — Al Dutcher, Nebraska state climatologist

On the next Market Journal (April 11-13) Roy Smith, Nebraska grain producer and market consultant, will address the USDA crop intentions report and how producers can manage market risk.

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