Market Journal: Fertilizer Additives may be Economical this Year

Market Journal: Fertilizer Additives may be Economical this Year

March 28, 2008 

Some fertilizer additivies, such as a urease inhibitor, may be economical this year, according to Charles Shapiro, an Extension soils specialist featured on this week's edition of Market Journal. Shapiro says the price of fertilizer may warrant the use of a urease inhibitor this year for either liquid or granular fertilizer if the fertilizer is not tilled in. Shapiro says fertilizer needs about a 1/2 inch of water to incorporate it into the soil to avoid losses.

Also on the program this week:

  • Wheat and sugar markets sweet — Paul Burgener, extension ag economics research analyst
  • Expect gasoline prices to continue climbing — Dennis Conley, professor of ag economics
  • Storing distillers grains is practical — Brent Plugge, extension educator
  • Weather — Al Dutcher, Nebraska state climatologist

On the next Market Journal (April 4-6): Moe Russell, a farm business consultant, will discuss four key management aspects of a farm business that top producers should focus on. A hog market analysis also will be featured.

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