Market Journal: Avoiding Harvest Compaction; Corn Disease Update

Market Journal: Avoiding Harvest Compaction; Corn Disease Update

Oct. 9, 2015

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On this week's Market Journal Nebraska Extension Engineer Paul Jasa describes how soil becomes compacted during harvest, why controlled wheel traffic can help limit the problem, and what producers can do to repair damage.  (See Jasa's 10 Tips to Avoid Compaction on Wet Soils at Harvest Time.)

Also on the Oct. 9 Market Journal:

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership — Wes Peterson, UNL professor of agricultural economics, talks about what the trade deal could mean for agriculture.

  • Keystone XL Pipeline — TransCanada, the company proposing to build the Keystone XL pipeline, has applied for a permit from the Nebraska Public Service Commission. Dave Aiken, Nebraska Extension ag and water law specialist, explains why the company may have made this decision.
  • Weather Forecast — Nebraska State Climatologist Al Dutcher gives the weather outlook for the coming week.

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