Market Journal: Ag Economy Update from the Federal Reserve

Market Journal: Ag Economy Update from the Federal Reserve

April 17, 2009


On this week's Market Journal Jason R. Henderson, branch executive and vice president of the Omaha Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, says he sees some signs of slowing in the ag economy. Henderson says agricultural loans are at historical lows but increasing. He encourages producers to watch economic indicators such as consumer spending patterns, the level of ag exports, the LIBOR interest rate and the demand for ethanol.

Other segments on this week's program include:

  • Cattle market update with Mike Briggs, Briggs Feedlot, Seward;
  • How the dairy industry is adjusting with Jeff Keown, Extension dairy specialist;
  • Spring weed control with Lowell Sandell, extension educator – weed science; and
  • Ag weather update, with Al Dutcher, Nebraska state climatologist.

Next week Market Journal will be reporting from UNL's Annual Water Law, Policy and Science Conference and looking at several topics, including the development of water markets.

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