Market Journal 7-24-09

Market Journal 7-24-09

July 24, 2009

Market Journal: Identifying Goss's Wilt

On this week's Market Journal Extension Host Doug Jose talks with:


  • Tamra Jackson, extension plant pathologist, about how to identify Goss's wilt in the field. While treatments aren't available, understanding the risk can guide growers to resistant hybrids for next year.
  • Tina Barrett and Jeff Tranel about developing a financial plan and using an accrual accounting system. Barrett says accrual accounting, rather than a cash-based system, provides a more accurate financial picture of the agricultural operation.
  • Also this week, Mike Briggs will discuss the cattle markets and Al Dutcher, state climatologist, will discuss the late summer forecast. And there will be news on Nebraska Farmer Appreciation Day, ACRE sign up, USDA’s advanced biofuels grants, and hydrated ethanol and diesel fuel.

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