How Cold, How Wet, How Snowy Was it this Week? - UNL CropWatch, April 12, 2013

How Cold, How Wet, How Snowy Was it this Week? - UNL CropWatch, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013

You knew this week's weather was unusual, and more like the blustery storms typical of early March, but how different was it.  Al Dutcher, Extension State Climatologist, provided the following data.

How snowy?

Snow reports from the April 9-10 storm were heaviest across the northern Panhandle and north central Nebraska and varied widely across the state. The following sample is in inches of snow.

Harrison, 24
Chadron, 18
Dalton, 15
Agate, 13
Ainsworth, 11
Valentine, 8
Sidney, 7
Scottsbluff, 6-9
Lodgepole, 6-7
Butte, 6
Wakefield, 6
Kilgore, Mullen, 5-6
Pierce, 5
Big Springs, 5
West Point-Walthill, 2-3
Norfolk, 2-3
Stapleton, 2.5
Southwest, 2.5-3
North Platte, 1
South Central, 1
O’Neil, 0.5
Central Nebraska (Grand Island, Kearney, Anselmo), trace to 3 inches
East Central, 0.5-2;
Southeast, trace

How rainy?

The following reports are broken down by NRD and show the range, reported in inches, within the district. The city listed reported the highest amount in the NRD.

Central Platte, 1.3-4.73 (St. Libory)
Louis and Clark, 0.89-3.25 (Crofton)
Little Blue, 0.26 -2.07 (Steel City)
Lower Big Blue, 0.48-2.05 (Jansen)
Lower Elkhorn, 1.11-3.21 (Norfolk)
Lower Loop, 1.13-4.57 (Rockville)
Lower Niobrara, 1.71-2.24 (20 miles NE of O’Neill)
Lower Platte North, 0.81-2.77 (Humphrey)
Lower Platte South, 0 .94 -1.70 (Bennett)
Lower Republican, 0.30-1.88 (Arapahoe)
Middle Niobrara. 1.17-1.20 (Cody
Middle Republican, 0.62 -3.79 (Maywood)
Nemaha, 1.15-2.58 (Humboldt)
North Platte, 1.24-2.13 (Scottsbluff)
Papio, 1.09-3.05 (Hubbard)
South Platte, 0.31-2.16 (Dalton)
Tri Basin, 0.84-2.92 (Loomis)
Twin Platte, 0.20-1.07 (Brule)
Upper Big Blue, 0.47-2.12 (Bellwood)
Upper Elkhorn, 1.21-2.14 (O’Neil)
Upper Loup. 0.63-1.33 (Stapleton)
Upper Niobrara-White, 0.50-2.33 (Hay Springs)
Upper Republican, 0.30-4.05 (Max)

How Cold Did It Go?

Lows (°F) Reported by Districts for April 10-11 period

Panhandle: 11°F in Scottsbluff to -3°F in Chadron
North Central: 9°F at Gudmundsen to 19°F at Spencer
Northeast: 20°F at multiple sites to 31°F at Hartington
Central: 16°F at Merna to 24°F at Grand Island
Eastern: 21°F at Weston to 31°F at Gretna
Southwest: 8°F at Brule to 20°F at McCook
South Central: 17°F at Cozad to 24°F at Hastings and Red Cloud
Southeast: 23°F at Clay Center to 34°F at Nebr. City


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