Harvest Aids in Small Grains

Harvest Aids in Small Grains

June 27, 2008

I have been getting calls on controlling weeds in small grains — particularly winter wheat and oats. At this point in the season the only option is to apply a herbicide to aid in harvest. These treatments help make the crop easier to harvest, but don't reduce the loss caused when weeds compete with the growing crop for space, light, nutrients, and soil water. A harvest aid treatment can be applied too early which may be detrimental to grain quality.

Table 1 provides harvest aid treatments for winter wheat and oats. When planning applications, always be alert to potential herbicide drift problems.

Remember to check the pesticide label for the pre-harvest application interval. If you are not following the label instructions, you are in violation of the law.

Robert Klein
Extension Cropping Systems Specialist
West Central REC, North Platte

Table 1. Harvest aid treatments for small grains.



Application Time

Remarks and Approximate
Cost per Acre Broadcast

Winter Wheat

2,4-D Amine (4L)

0.1 oz

0-25-0.50 pt

After dough

Preharvest interval of 10 days. Add surfactant at 1 qt/100 gallons of spray solution. Cost: $1.80-$2.15

2,4-D Ester (4L)

1 qt

1 qt

Hard dough, 7
or more days
before harvest

Rescue treatments for control of late broadleaf weeds. To reduce breakage with 2,4-D, all green color should be gone from joints. Only certain brands of 2,4-D are labeled for this use. Cost: 2,4-D $3.75; glyphosate $4.50

Oat Harvest

2,4-D Ester (4L)

1 qt

Hard dough, 7 or more days before harvest

Helps desiccate large broadleaf weeds. Only certain brands labeled for use. Cost: $3.75

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