H2Optimization: Dry Year Water Management in the Republican River Basin - UNL CropWatch, Jan. 201

H2Optimization: Dry Year Water Management in the Republican River Basin - UNL CropWatch, Jan. 201

Schedule and Registration

Feb. 11 — Imperial, Fairgrounds Meeting Room
To register contact: Upper Republican NRD, 308-882-5173, urnrd@urnrd.org

Feb. 12 — McCook, Fairgrounds Community Building
To register contact Middle Republican NRD, 308-367-4281, office@mrnrd.org

Feb. 13 — Holdrege, Ag Center
To register contact: Lower Republican NRD, 308-928-2182, lrnrd@lrnrd.org

For many of us, last summer was one of the driest seasons on record. Coupled with limited off season precipitation to rebuild soil moisture levels, growers are facing challenging decisions.

To provide information to aid in irrigation management and decision-making, one-day workshops will be held Feb. 11, 12, and 13 at three sites in the Republican River basin.

Experts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Upper, Middle, and Lower Republican Natural Resource districts, Monsanto, and DEKALB will discuss and share cropping system methods to maximize corn and soybean production in water-short years. Presentations will also cover UNL research and industry technology on water-efficiency techniques and tools. NRD managers will forecast opportunities and challenges related to water regulations and projects in their regions.

Presentation Topics

  • Update on Water Policy and Regulations
  • Future of Irrigation in Republican Valley
  • Corn and Soybean Cropping Systems
  • Selecting the Right Hybrid for your Field
  • HydroEfficiency and Journey of Drought
  • Hybrid x Water Interaction Testing in the West
  • Residue Management Impact on Water Efficiency Nutrient and Water Interaction
  • Impact of Terraces and Small Reservoirs on Republican


  • Derrel Martin, UNL Extension Irrigation Engineer
  • Greg Kruger, UNL Extension Cropping SYstem Specialist
  • Tim Shaver, UNL Extension Nutrient Management Specialist
  • Chuck Burr, UNL Water/Cropping Educator
  • Chandler Mazour, Monsanto Water Utilization Learning Center Manager
  • Jasper Fanning, Manager, Upper Republican NRD
  • Dan Smith, Manager, Middle Republican NRD
  • Mike Clements, Manager, Lower Republican NRD
  • Randy Lloyd, Asgrow DEKALB Agronomist
  • John Skalsky, Asgrow DEKALB Agronomist
  • Corby Jensen, Regional Technology Development Lead, Monsanto

These programs are free, but preregistration is requested to plan for meals.

Chuck Burr
UNL Water/Cropping Systems Extension Educator

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