Growers and Feeders Urged to use NDA Hay Hotline

Growers and Feeders Urged to use NDA Hay Hotline

June 19, 2013

Nebraska Agriculture Director Greg Ibach is encouraging farmers with hay or other forage for sale or pasture for lease to call the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) to list those resources on the Department's Hay Hotline. The hotline is designed to connect those who have hay and forage available with those in need of such resources for their livestock.

"The hotline is available year-round, but with 90 percent of Nebraska facing a second season of drought, the need for hay and other forage for our livestock producers is great even now," Ibach said. "Some areas have received welcome rain, so hay production is picking up. Other areas have not been so fortunate. The hotline provides an easy way to connect those who have hay with those who are in need of hay."

Individuals looking to list hay, pasture or other forage on the hotline database, can call toll-free to NDA at 800-422-6692. NDA staff will request name, contact information, and inventory details for the sellers list. NDA then makes the sellers list available to buyers on its website at, or via traditional mail if requested. Once buyers obtain the listing information, they are responsible for contacting sellers and arranging their own transactions.

The United States Department of Agriculture crop progress report for this week rates pasture and range condition in Nebraska at 39% poor to very poor, and hay and forage supplies at 62% short to very short. Ibach said both in-state and out-of-state hay, pasture and other forage listings are accepted on the hotline.

"Other parts of the United States have come out of the drought and producers in those areas may have available forage," Ibach said.

The listing is updated regularly, and once sellers no longer have hay for sale, they are encouraged to call NDA so the listing can be removed. Once a listing is a year old, it is automatically removed.

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