Glyphosate Brands and Generics Perform Equally Well

Glyphosate Brands and Generics Perform Equally Well

June 26, 2009

More than 50 glyphosate-based herbicides are registered for use in Nebraska. To make the best choice for your operation, consider product efficacy, costs, and rate.

In research we conducted several years ago in Nebraska, all the glyphosate-based herbicides provided excellent weed control (more than 90%) regardless of the rate, brand name, or cost. These findings were similar to results reported by other universities.

For more information . . .

see the UNL NebGuide: Use of Herbicide-Tolerant Crops as a Component of an Integrated Weed Management Program (G02-1484).

Perhaps, the larger issues in selecting a glyphosate-based herbicide should be:

  • selecting the appropriate herbicide rate for the weeds present, and
  • observing environmental factors.

Since generic glyphosate-based products are relatively inexpensive, there may be a temptation to use them at the highest labeled rate, regardless of weed species present. However, their value can be preserved only by proper use and management. This becomes even more important as we rotate two Roundup Ready® crops (corn and soybean).

Proper use of glyphosate-based technology, as a component of an integrated weed management program, is the key to preserving the long-term benefits of this technology while avoiding many of the concerns about its use.

Stevan Knezevic
Integrated Weed Management Specialist

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