Flood Recovery Information Available Through Extension Network - UNL CropWatch, June 8, 2011

Flood Recovery Information Available Through Extension Network - UNL CropWatch, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011

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Rivers large and small are at or near flood stage through much of the central United States, including Nebraska, spelling everything from anxiety about what might happen to anguish over what's been lost.

To help citizens in affected or threatened areas reduce the impact from flooding or recover from flood events, Extension specialists at land-grant universities across the United States have compiled information at the eXtension website at http://www.extension.org/category/floods. The information is provided through the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) www.eden.lsu.edu at Louisiana State University.

"After the flooding in 1993 that took such a huge toll on U.S. citizens, a group of land-grant university specialists recognized that each state has information that may prove useful to people in other states as well as their own," said Mary Lou Peter, communications specialist with K-State Research and Extension. "That group formed EDEN as a means to pool information that would be helpful to the public and to support extension educators with useful information for people in their counties and districts."

Much of that information is now made available through eXtension, an educational partnership composed of land-grant universities across the country.

Videos, news releases, fact sheets and more are available on the eXtension website. There is also an "Ask an Expert" feature where a question can be submitted about flooding or flood recovery that will be answered by a university specialist.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension is a partner in eXtension and EDEN.

"Your local UNL Extension office can help you access some of the best research-based resources from across the United States to help you prepare for or deal with the aftermath of floods," said Rick Koelsch, UNL Extension assistant dean. "For those that have web access, http://www.extension.unl.edu is your gateway to those resources."

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