Figures 3 & 4 for Why Soybean Planting Date Matters

Figures 3 & 4 for Why Soybean Planting Date Matters

Enlarged Figures 3 & 4 for UNL CropWatch Story, Three Reasons Why Soybean Planting Date Matters, in the April 16, 2010 issue.


Illustration of soybean plant

Figure 3. A description of the V1 stage and R5 stages is provided here. Node accrual – one node every 3.7 days – commences at stage V1 and ceases at stage R5. Stage V0 is not specifically shown here, but describes a seedling with fully expanded cotyledons, but with unifoliolate leaves that are just unfolding.


Chart - Indiates points of node accrual

Figure 4. The three graphs show data for daily temperature (top), main stem V-stage node accrual (middle), and R-stage reproductive development (bottom) in the 2003 and 2004 for the four planting date strips pictured in Figure 1. Compare the V-stage node numbers at the bottom of the late June photographs in Figure 1 with the double- arrow positioned sites in the node accrual graphs here.