Field Updates

Field Updates

May 8, 2009

Douglas Anderson, Extension Educator in Keith, Arthur, Perkins: We have gotten very nice rains recently in this three-county area, with amounts ranging from 1 to 2.5 inches in the past week. Field work was slowed slightly because of wet fields but I assure you as soon as it dry, the corn will be planted. Wheat is starting to put on growth, but some fields are showing some yellow from cool temperatures. There has been some leaf spot type disease and a general lack of sunshine, none of which should reduce yield much. Pastures are showing some green as are early season annuals. We're seeing some nice stands of henbit in the road ditches.

Jenny Rees, Extension Educator in Clay County: About 90% of corn is planted and some has emerged. About one-third of the soybeans are planted now and that'll increase as the week progresses with the nice planting weather. Most wheat has jointed and has really grown this week. There are no new disease problems in wheat, although I've heard several producers have gone with a split application of fungicide this year. Alfalfa and pasture grasses are growing and I haven't seen any alfalfa weevil problems yet.



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