Field Updates

Field Updates

February 11, 2009

What kinds of issues are you getting questions on?

Paul Hay, Extension Educator in Gage County: The most popular questions we're getting at the Extension office are on fences disputes, lease information, manure purchase, manure value and application to fields, and dry fertilizer applications. Here, cattle are wintering well and calving is under way for about one-third of operators. We have many that calve in March and April. Open time has allowed renewal of terrace repair and tile outlet terrace construction. We'll likely see more drop in milo acres as price disparity has discouraged operators in southeast Nebraska counties.

Bill Booker, Extension Educator in Box Butte County: Wheat condition is a concern. We have had a lot of wind with wheat fields blowing and more appearing to start with each wind. Reports come from all over the Panhandle — drill ridges being gone is not uncommon with ripping being reported in the bigger fields. It is also very dry — a small amount of precipitation fell Sunday and Monday but was barely measurable in most places. While precipitation will minimize further wind erosion, we aren't through this yet with March yet to come!

Jennifer Rees, Extension Educator in Clay County: We're getting producer questions on placement and type of fertilizer, dry fertilizer application, and fertigation. Many of those interested in fertigation are new to it and seeking information on certification requirements too.

Jim Schneider, Extension Educator in Hamilton County: There seems to be a whole lot of indecision this year regarding fertilizer and cropping plans as farmers keep an eye on fluctuating input prices. I've also been getting calls on cash rent rates. Monday's rain, with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, was barely more than a drizzle here. The ground here is already saturated — we received 7.8 inches from the end of harvest to the end of December — and we're hoping we don't get excessive rain before planting.

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