Field Updates

Field Updates

April 27, 2007

Douglas Anderson, Extension Educator in Keith, Arthur and Perkins counties: Field work is underway with herbicide and fertilizer applications and some corn planting in Perkins and Keith counties. Following the early freeze, alfalfa's first cutting will be delayed but it doesn't appear that production will be cut. The delay, however, may cause the fall cutting to be short. A few sprinklers are running and we've had some rain.

Michael Rethwisch, Extension Educator in Butler County: Corn planting is underway, with excellent sub-soil moisture conditions. Alfalfa was damaged by the mid-April freezing temperatures. Elongated stems were killed, and as expected, there's been an associated delay in initiation of buds on crowns. Crop loss for alfalfa has been calculated to be at least 1/4 ton per acre due to a combination of stem loss and a delay in re-budding/new stem growth. In some areas wheat had much tip burn, most growing tips were protected at the time of the freeze and appear to be undamaged.

Ralph Kulm, Extension Educator in Holt and Boyd counties: Winter wheat is developing well in most cases. Producers have applied spring nitrogen and the wheat is showing good color. A few fields are jointing. The poorest looking fields are those that were planted late and were damaged by wind and dry weather late in the fall. Alfalfa was set back and yellowed by the freeze but most fields are starting to green up again and look better. A few producers felt that they lost some areas because of heavy ice cover in late December, but generally it doesn't appear to be a big problem. Producers have been disking stalks and putting the final touches on wheel tracks in bean fields. Three inches of rain over the weekend in the O'Neill area will keep the corn planters out a few more days.

Del Hemsath, Extension Educator in Dakota, Dixon and Thurston counties:Field work is beginning with anhydrous ammonia application, more than in recent years. Cost of nitrogen is most likely a factor. Some planting of corn and alfalfa was getting started but 2-3 inches of rain has stopped field activities. Alfalfa looks much better with the warm weather allowing for regrowth. Manure application is ongoing.

Gary Lesoing, Extension Educator in Nemaha County: The wheat has recovered significantly the past couple of weeks since the freeze. In our area most of the wheat will be saved and generally looks pretty good. Alfalfa is coming back, but slowly, and now weeds are beginning to appear in alfalfa. We received two to three inches of rain in the southeast corner of the state and fields are muddy. Some rain came hard and caused soil erosion. Spring work and corn planting were beginning in earnest before the rain came on Tuesday.

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