Fall Nitrogen Application

Fall Nitrogen Application

Oct. 14, 2015
More on Nutrient Management
See the Oct. 16 Market Journal for a segment on nitrogen management with Charles Shapiro.

Fall application of anhydrous ammonia is performed every year, many times for reasons not related to the optimum use of nitrogen, but for other reasons such as spreading labor, taking advantage of low prices, tax consequences, and weather conditions.

In an article in this week's Integrated Crop Management newsletter, Iowa State University Agronomy Professor John Sawyer discusses the impact of fall nitrogen application and answers several questions about when and where to consider fall application.

In addition to the information in this article, specific Nebraska conditions need to be considered. First, we have extensive areas of coarse-textured soils where leaching of nitrogen is more likely when we have rainfall. Also, there are areas of the state that have restrictions on fall nitrogen application.

Charles Shapiro
Extension Soils Specialist