Dates Set for UNL Weed Science Field Tours

Dates Set for UNL Weed Science Field Tours

April 25, 2008 

The 2008 UNL Weed Science Field Tours will be in June and July. These tours are an excellent opportunity to view a sampling of the latest concepts, tools and herbicides for weed management in Nebraska.

June 17 – Lincoln
Location: Havelock Research Farm, 84th and Havelock streets
Leader: Mark Bernards, Extension Weeds Specialist
Time: 8:30 am
Registration: No fee

  • Timing of winter annual weed removal
  • Burndown herbicides for corn and soybean
  • New herbicides for corn - Balance Flexx, Corvus, Prequel
  • Kixor - new active ingredient for corn, sorghum and soybean
  • KIH-485 - new active ingredient for corn and soybean
  • Liberty Link soybean
  • New and developmental herbicides for sorghum - Degree XTRA, Huskie, Lumax
  • Preemergence herbicides for soybean
  • Herbicide programs for corn

June 19 – Scottsbluff
Location: Panhandle Research and Extension Center, 4502 Ave. I
Leader: Bob Wilson, Extension Weeds Specialist
Time: 8:30 am
Registration: No fee. Lunch will be provided

  • New herbicides for weed control in corn: Kixor, Balance Flexx, Laudis, Halex GT, and KIH 485
  • Common lambsquarters control in Roundup Ready corn
  • Influence of different degrees of weed control in corn on next years sugarbeets
  • Weed control programs for Roundup Ready sugarbeets plus adjuvant and fertilizer with glyphosate
  • New weed control programs for dry beans
  • Olympus for selective weed control in perennial range grasses

July 9 – Concord
Location: Haskel Ag Lab, 57905 866 Road
Leader: Stevan Knezevic, Extension weeds specialist
Time: 1:00 pm
Registration: No fee (starts at 12:30)

  • Propane flaming on weeds, field corn, sweet corn and popcorn
  • Weed control studies near the Platte River
  • Liberty Link soybeans
  • Soybean preemergence herbicide programs
  • Spring burndown herbicide programs
  • New Bayer herbicides including Balance Flexx
  • New BASF herbicide Kixor.
  • General corn weed control studies including Halex GT, SureStart, KIH-485, and DuPont Q programs including Prequel
  • Corn and soybean variety trials

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