CW9-11-09Models Show Freezing Temps

CW9-11-09Models Show Freezing Temps

September 14, 2009

Weather models are currently showing a surge of freezing temperatures dropping into the northern Corn Belt September 24-29, with the most likelihood of killing freezes expected Sept. 28.

In Nebraska, northeast counties are on the border of the front and most likely to be hit by the freeze. Given expected cloud cover and moisture levels, northwest Nebraska could see accumulating snowfall during the period. While models can be inexact, these same models proved accurate for changes in early September.

States expected to see the worst of the freezing conditions include Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin with some areas of Iowa and Illinois also expected to be affected.

See the September 11, 2009 CropWatch story for the fall forecast and information on typical weather patterns in years when the El Nino pattern shifts to El Nina.  Looking at those trends may give an indication of what's to come for winter 2009-2010.

Al Dutcher
Extension State Climatologist

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