CW2009-10-12 Field Updates

CW2009-10-12 Field Updates

October 6, 2009

Paul Hay, Extension Educator in Gage County: Soybean harvest moving well. By weeks end farmers will be staring corn in earnest while remaining bean fields dry down. Some corn mold issues in prior hailed areas and bean yield and quality is also off a bit in these areas. Farmers have had a chance to harvest some of the down corn at a one-way slow pace, prior to the rush of full harvest season. Storage space is going to be a significant issue. I can't over emphasize the need to run aeration fans lots for drydown and adequate times for temperature uniformity.

Jim Schild, Extension Educator in Scotts Bluff County: The growing season for most of the Panhandle came to an end on Oct 3 with temperatures in the mid to low 20's. Average frost date for Scottsbluff is September 27, which was the date for the first frost in Scottsbluff in 2009.

Most of the dry bean crop has been harvested but some of the remaining beans that were planted late due to the wet spring will have some quality issues from freeze damage to the green pods. The majority of the corn crop had matured although little of the crop has been harvested at this time. Growers are focusing on sugarbeets with harvest starting on October 6.

Karen DeBoer, Extension Educator in Cheyenne County: Wheat planting is nearly complete in the southern Panhandle. Proso millet harvest is progressing.



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