CW 9-11-09 NASS Crops

CW 9-11-09 NASS Crops

September 11, 2009

Weather Wrap-Up

Temperatures averaged 4 degrees below normal across the state for the week ending September 6 and slowed crop maturity. The Panhandle had above normal temperatures with highs in the low 90s, while the rest of the state was below normal with highs near 80 and lows in the 40s. Precipitation was mostly limited to the eastern Nebraska.

Crop Conditions

Corn conditions rated 2% very poor, 6% poor, 15% fair, 50% good, and 27% excellent, above last year’s 75% good or excellent rating. Irrigated fields rated 80% good or excellent, while dryland fields rated 72%, both above year ago levels. Corn in the dough stage was 96%, ahead of last year’s 94% but near the 97% average. Corn in the dent stage was 69%, even with last year but six days behind the 80% average. Corn mature was 6%, near the 5% of last year but behind the 12% average.

Soybean conditions rated 2% very poor, 6% poor, 15% fair, 55% good, and 22% excellent, above last year’s 69% good or excellent condition. Soybeans turning color was 37%, ahead of last year’s 24% but near the 38% average. Soybeans dropping leaves was 2%, near last year’s 3% but behind the 6% average.

Alfalfa conditions rated 1% very poor, 5% poor, 22% fair, 58% good, and 14% excellent, above last year’s 62% good or excellent condition. Third cutting was 84% complete, behind last year and the average of 92%. Fourth cutting was 17% complete, behind last year’s 6% and 18% average.

Sorghum conditions rated 0% very poor, 3% poor, 25% fair, 51% good, and 21% excellent, above last year’s 64% good or excellent condition. Sorghum turning color was 36%, behind last year’s 43% and nine days behind the 63% average.

Dry bean conditions rated 1% very poor, 8% poor, 22% fair, 60% good, and 9% excellent, above last year’s 64% good or excellent conditions. Dry beans turning color was 64%, behind last year’s 72% but even with the average. Dry beans dropping leaves was 21%, ahead of last year’s 17% but behind the 27% average. Dry beans harvested were 5%, ahead of last year’s 3% and near the average of 6%.

Wheat seeded was 11% complete, ahead of last year’s 6% and near the average of 10%.

Proso millet was 2% harvested, behind last year’s 5% and 10% average.

Pasture and range conditions rated 2% very poor, 4% poor, 20% fair, 57% good, and 17% excellent, above last year’s 56% good or excellent condition.

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