CW 09-12-17 Market Journal: Look to February to Market Wheat

CW 09-12-17 Market Journal: Look to February to Market Wheat

December 17, 2009

A new University of Nebraska-Lincoln "Market Journal" program is available on the Web at Podcasting is also now available from the Web site.

On this week's Market Journal:

Wait to Market Your Wheat Crop — Paul Burgener, UNL Extension ag economics analyst, says the next opportunity to sell wheat probably won’t occur until mid or late February. Burgener suggests producers consider their tax situation before deciding to sell grain in the next two weeks.

Ground and Surface Water Irrigators will Think About the Pumpkin Creek Settlement — Dave Aiken, UNL Extension Ag and water law specialist, explains what it is we don’t know about the settlement and why irrigators will continue to think about this case.

Think about Your Cattle Business in a Different Way — Troy Marshall, rancher from Burlington, Colorado, explains how he has changed his thinking about business. Marshall suggests thinking about how to increase the value of the products rather than just reducing costs. This is done, says Marshall, by building relationships, providing services and improving marketing. He suggests making people a priority in growing the bottom line.

Genetics is the Key to Beef Herd Improvement — Matt Spangler, UNL Extension beef genetics specialists, says, the three primary uses of DNA mapping are detecting carriers of undesirable traits, paternity testing and identifying more complex traits such as carcass quality.

The Weather will be “Warmer” — Al Dutcher, UNL Extension State Climatologist, says there will be ups and downs with the temperatures, though not as cold. Snow is also in the forecast. Check the weather when mapping out holiday trips.

On the next "Market Journal" (Dec. 25, 2009) — A critical management challenge with grazing livestock is to make the most efficient use of the grass available while preserving the long run productivity of the grass. This week we will discuss monitoring the range to analyze the species of plants that are growing, and their productivity.

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