CropWatch March 5, 2010: Delayed Harvest and Crop Insurance Issues

CropWatch March 5, 2010: Delayed Harvest and Crop Insurance Issues

March 5, 2010

It is rare that Nebraska farmers are looking forward to corn harvest and corn planting at the same time. However, this year we have had some serious issues with corn harvest that have continued into the spring. As we finish up harvest, the initial planting date for corn is fast approaching.

For producers facing a delayed harvest, there is little that remains to be done other than finishing up the harvest or making the determination to abandon the corn crop and begin preparation for the 2010 crop. Any of these decisions should include a conversation with your crop insurance provider. Documentation of the effort to complete harvest and the factors that may have hindered that progress is critical to receiving payment on claims for the crop.

The actual claim on the corn acres that have yet to be harvested should have already been made with your insurance provider. The only information that they are waiting for now is the final outcome form for the 2009 crop. Once they receive this information, the indemnity checks can be sent and you can prepare for 2010. Be sure to get this done before getting too wrapped up in the spring planting season.

Paul Burgener
Extension Agricultural Economics Research Analyst
Panhandle REC, Scottsbluff