CropWatch, March 5, 2010: 2010 Chemigation Training Dates and Information

CropWatch, March 5, 2010: 2010 Chemigation Training Dates and Information

March 5, 2010

 Training Resources

Chemigation training is available throughout the state this spring for those who wish to become certified applicators.

The Nebraska Chemigation Act requires that individuals actively involved in calibrating and monitoring systems used to inject fertilizers or pesticides into irrigation water become certified by attending a training session and passing a written exam. The certification expires on December 31, four years after it was issued by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ). Each year UNL Extension sends out notices to those whose certifications expired informing them that they need to be recertified in order to use chemigation in Nebraska.

The training session includes a DVD that covers information related to state and federal laws, including the National Clean Water Act and the Nebraska Chemigation Act, which is discussed in some detail. It also covers required safety equipment and how to use calibration equipment to set the injection pump to deliver the desired amount of chemical. During and after viewing the DVD, participants are encouraged to ask questions. The last part of the program is a 50-question test dealing with topics covered during the training.

Nebraska has approximately 4100 certified applicators. A list of their names and the dates their certification expires is on the NDEQ Web site at Click on Chem 7-24-09.txt in the box under chemigation training dates and chemigation publications toward the bottom of the page.

Bill Kranz
Extension Irrigation Specialist