CropWatch April 9, 2010: Nebraska Farm Research Answers Producer Questions

CropWatch April 9, 2010: Nebraska Farm Research Answers Producer Questions

Photo - Farmer Roy Smith & Extension Educator Dave Varner

Roy Smith, a producer from southeast Nebraska, works with Extension Educator Dave Varner on a archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research project comparing the profitability of using phosphate fertilizer in tilled versus no-till corn and soybean production. 

April 9, 2010

You read agriculturally related magazines and attend seminars. You hear of new tools and ideas that other producers are trying. You wonder if any of these tools and ideas will work for you in your operation. Farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research can help provide you answers.

Producers working with UNL extension educators and specialists in farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research groups realize the value of conducting valid, scientifically based archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research on their own farms. Research studies are driven by producer questions that they test in their own fields.

Treatments are replicated and randomized throughout the field to account for field variability. Research layouts are designed so the data can be statistically analyzed. Statistical analysis is a mathematical way to determine the probability that any yield difference observed is due to the treatment being tested rather than another factor.

There are currently two organized farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research groups in Nebraska:

In addition, several extension educators are working with producers in farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research trials independently across the state.

2010 Farm Research Trials

More Information

Check out the Farm Research Web site on CropWatch to learn more about conducting farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research and to view farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research studies that have been conducted through the years.

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Research studies producers plan on conducting in 2010 include:

  • soybean planting dates
  • corn planting dates
  • corn planting rates
  • sulfur application to corn
  • sugar application to soybeans
  • cover crop study
  • corn planting depth (2 inches vs. 3 inches)
  • starter fertilizer in no-till corn
  • biotech corn insect resistance
  • manganese use in soybeans
  • foliar fungicides and fertilizer in soybeans
  • pasture control of white grubs
  • testing of other products including Nutrisphere N, Avail, APSA-80, Nutriplant SD, etc.

To Learn More or Join In

If you are interested in learning more about farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research or conducting your own trials, please contact any of the UNL Extension Educators working with farm archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/research from the links provided above. Also, check out the UNL Farm Research Web site.

Keith Glewen, Jenny Rees, Jim Schneider, Brandy VanDeWalle, Dave Varner, and Gary Zoubek
UNL Extension Educators


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