CropWatch April 9, 2010: Market Journal Focuses on Seeding Dates and Rates

CropWatch April 9, 2010: Market Journal Focuses on Seeding Dates and Rates

April 9, 2010

On this week's Market Journal Extension Educator Jenny Rees talks with host Doug Jose about Nebraska recommendations for corn and soybean planting dates and seeding rates.  Rees says that many growers could increase their corn planting rate by 5 percent; however, that may not be the case for soybeans. Rees says soybean plant population should be about 120,000 seeds per acre with the goal of a final population of about 100,000. Higher soybean seeding rates have not proven to be economical.

Also on this week's Market Journal, Tamra Jackson, UNL Extension plant pathologist, recommends delaying corn planting until soil temperatures are consistently above 50°F to avoid disease problems.

Al Dutcher, UNL state climatologist, says temperatures for the next week will fluctuate between the 60s and 80s. By mid week, Nebraska could see severe weather outbreaks. The forecast for April 15 through 20 is for above normal precipitation.

On next week's Market Journal, Paul Burgener, UNL Extension ag economics analyst, will look at the wheat market and Bob Klein, UNL Extension western Nebraska crops specialist, will discuss calibrating sprayers and selecting the right nozzles.

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