Crop Insecticide Update

Crop Insecticide Update

March 21, 2008

Several new insecticide products/formulations are available for Nebraska field crops this year. Further details are outlined below:


  • Brigade EC; active ingredient bifenthrin

  • — Replaces Capture 2EC. Capture LFR still labeled for use at planting in corn.
  • Hero 1.24 EC; active ingredients bifenthrin and zeta-cypermethrin

  • — Labelled on corn and various vegetable crops
  • Mustang Max EC; new formulation of Mustang Max

  • — Same use rates, amount of active ingredient (ai), crops, pests as before
    — Goes from "Warning" to "Caution" with new formulation
    — Now labeled for use on pasture/range and other grass crops, sunflowers, potatoes, and a number of other crops

Dow AgroSciences


  • Lorsban 15G, 4E, and 75WG; label changes for field corn uses
    — Preharvest interval drops from 35 to 21 days
    — 1.0 lb ai per acre maximum application with exception of 1.3 lb ai per acre Lorsban 15G at-plant application
  • Cobalt
    — Active ingredients 2.5 lb chlorpyrifos + 0.045 lb gamma-cyhalothrin per gallon
    — Registered for use on alfalfa, field corn, sweet corn and seed corn, sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers and wheat against a variety of insect pests

Bayer Corporation


  • Leverage 2.7
    — Active ingredients1.6 lbs imidacloprid and 1.1 lb cyfluthrin per gallon
    — Registered for soybeans November 2007
    — May be registered for other crops in the future
    — 3.8 oz/acre rate on soybeans, 45-day pre-harvest interval

Insecticide use tables organized by crop are available online at They now include information on insecticide product modes of action for use in avoiding resistance development.

Bob Wright
Extension Entomologist

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