2014 Corn Foliar Fungicide Trial Summaries

2014 Corn Foliar Fungicide Trial Summaries

Many products have specific use restrictions about the amount of active ingredient that can be applied within a period of time or the amount of sequential applications that can occur. Please read and follow all specific use restrictions prior to fungicide use. This information is provided only as a guide. It is the responsibility of the pesticide applicator by law to read and follow all current label directions.

Disclaimer: Reference to products in these tables is not intended to be an endorsement to the exclusion of others that may be similar. Persons using such products assume responsibility for their use in accordance with current manufacturer's directions. Members or participants in the Corn Disease Working Group assume no liability resulting from the use of these products.

Northern corn leaf blight
Figure 1. Weather conditions are favorable for Northern Corn Leaf Blight (pictured) and gray leaf spot development. Scout fields, especially those in high risk disease situations, such as those planted with a susceptible hybrid, in continuous corn, and/or with a history of substantial disease.

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