Corn and Soybean Expos December 15-19

Corn and Soybean Expos December 15-19

November 26, 2008

"Growing Corn and Soybeans to Fuel Nebraska" will be the theme of this year's Corn and Soybean Expos. Sponsored by UNL Extension, the events will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at five sites across the state.

Expo Dates, Sites, Local Hosts

  • Monday, Dec. 15 — Albion, Casey's Community Building, Fairgrounds, Steve Pritchard, (402) 395-2158,
  • Tuesday, Dec. 16 — Wilber, Sokol Hall, Randy Pryor, (402) 821-2151,
  • Wednesday, Dec. 17 — Aurora, Ag Auditorium, Fairgrounds, Jim Schneider, (402) 694-6174,
  • Thursday, Dec. 18 — Holdrege, Fairgrounds Ag Complex, Chuck Burr, (308) 995-4222,
  • Friday, Dec. 19 — Paxton, Ole's, Doug Anderson, (308) 284-6051,
Aurora Ag Day. The Aurora expo will feature an additional early bird presentation: "2008 Farm Bill in a Nutshell," with Tim Lemmons, UNL Extension educator, and Kathy Jennings, executive director of the Hamilton County Farm Service Agency. It will start at 8:15 a.m. This expo doubles as Hamilton County's annual Ag Day and will include exhibits from regional agribusinesses.

2008 Topics

Presentations planned for the 2008 Corn and Soybean Expos include:

  • Crop System Decisions, UNL extension educator
  • Equipment and Residue Considerations, Paul Jasa, UNL extension engineer
  • Cellulose to Fuel, John Hay, UNL extension educator, energy
  • Crop Residue Values —- How Much Can I Remove, Robert Klein, UNL extension western Nebraska crops specialist
  • Growing Crops for Better Biodiesel, Loren Isom, UNL Industrial Agricultural Products Center coordinator
  • What Does Industry Want in Our Grain for Better Ethanol?, Cargill representative Robert Racek, Albion; KAAPA Ethanol representative, Holdrege; E Energy Adams representative Andrew Johansen, Wilber; and other industry representatives, depending on site
  • 2009 Corn/Soybean Production Costs, Klein
  • Recognizing and Managing Corn/Soybean Diseases, Jennifer Rees, UNL extension educator
  • Water Management to Conserve Energy and Water, Aaron Nygren, UNL Extension educator, Albion; Schneider, Aurora; Burr, Holdrege; Steve Melvin, UNL Extension educator, Paxton; and Pryor and Brandy VanDeWalle, UNL Extension educator, Wilber
  • Evaluating Cropping Systems, local UNL extension educator

For more information about these workshops, contact the location's host educator or your local UNL Extension office.

CCA credits in crop management, soil and water and pest management are available.

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