BT Trait Table

BT Trait Table

2015 Edition of Handy Bt Trait Table Now Available

April 3, 2015

For several years the Handy Bt Trait Table has been published by Chris DiFonzo, Michigan State University entomologist, and co-authors.  It has been updated as needed and the April 2015 edition is now available at

This publication summarizes all commercially available Bt corn hybrids, the insects they control or suppress, refuge requirements for the midwestern U.S. (non-cotton growing areas), and herbicide tolerance traits.

This is a great resource to keep track of the characteristics associated with all the different Bt corn hybrids now available.

Some of the changes this year include:
  • Highlighted CRW resistance in the intro, and a website to look up GMO approvals
  • Based on requests from users, an "event" table was added
  • A couple new products were added and,  based on user requests, the single-trait products that were removed a couple years ago were added back
  • Changed the terminology for refuge placement to make it clearer

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