Biofuels Forum on Improved Corn Ethanol Efficiency February 27

Biofuels Forum on Improved Corn Ethanol Efficiency February 27

February 27, 2009

At this month's UNL Biofuels Forum UNL Researcher Adam Liska will present information from his recent research paper detailing the life cycle energy and greenhouse gas analysis of corn ethanol.

Liska was one of about a dozen researchers who had a role in a study titled "Improvements in Life Cycle Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Corn-Ethanol." The findings were published earlier this year in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.

The UNL researchers found that corn ethanol directly emits an average of 51% less greenhouse gas than gasoline, as much as three times the reduction reported in earlier research, thanks to recent improvements in efficiency throughout the production process. (See MORE on this research.)

The Biofuels Forum will be hosted live on-line, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Friday, February 27 via Breeze (Adobe Connect). Biofuel Forums are held on the last Friday of each month. You can view previous Biofuel Forums at

Access Directions

To view the session go to and log on as a guest. Then call the phone number at the bottom of the access Web page to connect to the audio portion.

Before the meeting you can test whether you can connect to the Breeze server at

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