Agri-Chemical Guide for Popcorn Released

Agri-Chemical Guide for Popcorn Released

The recently released 2014 Popcorn Agri-Chemical Handbook lists products registered for use on popcorn or in popcorn storage facilities. The handbook lists agri-chemicals registered and the regulatory status or special use restrictions, if any.


Popcorn Agri-Chemical Guide


The handbook continues to provide appendix information on residue tolerances, as may be found in the International Maximum Residue Level (MRL) Database, which includes popcorn and denotes established levels by the US, Codex, EU and 87 markets.

The handbook has begun to note the Mode or Mechanism of Action (MOA) numerical classification of each listed chemical when used on a product label. The classification schemes are published by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee, the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee, and the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee. The handbook has also begun to highlight the Signal Word "Danger" when used on a product label as required by the EPA's Label Review Manual.

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Robert Wright
Extension Entomologist

April 4, 2014

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