8-21-09 Wheat Variety Virtual Tour

8-21-09 Wheat Variety Virtual Tour

Wheat variety tour
UNL plant breeders and crop specialists guide field day attendees on a tour of the wheat variety plots at the High Plains Ag Lab near Sidney. Take the Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour online to learn about this year's varieties.

August 21, 2009

With the 2009 winter wheat harvest behind them, Nebraska wheat growers are turning their attention to the 2010 wheat crop. One of the most critical decisions they will make is what wheat variety to seed this fall. One of the resources they may want to use for this decision is the Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour.

Wheat Selection Resources


Virtual tourists can see a list of wheat varieties recommended for their part of the state, read about a variety's characteristics, and compare those characteristics to other varieties of interest. Tourists also can see how different varieties performed in nearby wheat variety trials and locate a certified seed dealer that carries the varieties they are most interested in purchasing.

Wheat variety recommendations are based on three-year average yield data and specialists' experience with the varieties in their regions of the state. Given the highly variable climate of Nebraska, we do not advise growers to make variety selections based on just one or two years of test results.

A link to the Winter Wheat Variety Selection Tool is located on the front page of the Virtual Tour. This tool allows growers to narrow their search for a new wheat variety. Growers are asked seven questions that help identify variety characteristics that are important to them. The tool then queries a database to identify those varieties that meet the selected criteria.

The Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour site is updated each year in early August with the results from the latest statewide variety testing program. This ensures that growers have access to the most current information on winter wheat varieties when making their seed purchasing decisions.

The selection of adapted and complimentary varieties is one of the most important decisions a wheat grower will make for this season. Make a more informed decision by visiting the Wheat Varieties Virtual Tour.

Additional on-line information on wheat varieties can be found at the UNL Variety Testing Page.

Drew Lyon
Extension Dryland Cropping Systems Specialist, Panhandle REC


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