Online Courses for Pesticide Applicator, Chemigation Training in 2024

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The Pesticide Safety Education Program website has more information on training programs for Nebraskans seeking licensure for pesticide application.

Online Courses for Pesticide Applicator, Chemigation Training in 2024

Private Pesticide Applicator Training

The Pesticide Safety Education Office with Nebraska Extension is pleased to share a new opportunity again in 2024. Individuals that speak Spanish as their first language are now able to take pesticide safety training in Spanish through an online course. This training will adequately cover all required materials so that individuals can get a private applicator license for restricted use pesticides. This training is also adequate for individuals wish to recertify.

Private Applicator Training

Private applicators can certify for a license or recertify an existing one by completing the online private self-study program. This program allows applicators to complete their certification training on their own time and at their own pace. The Pesticide Safety Education Office continues to make enhancements to this program each year. New for 2024 as part of a pilot project, certain county extension offices have agreed to host computer kiosks that applicators can use to complete the program. Please contact your local county office to inquire.

There may also be opportunities to attend Zoom training sessions offering (re)certification hosted by extension educators. These sessions were positively received in 2023. These are listed on the PSEO website.

Commercial/Noncommercial Applicator Training

New commercial and noncommercial applicators must pass at least two state exams: one covering the general standards that all applicators have in common, and at least one category exam covering information specific to the type of work an applicator will be doing. The Pesticide SafetyEducation Office strongly encourages applicators to prepare for these exams by studying. Our digital study manuals (“FlipBooks”) are a great way to study. These combine the text of our traditional print study manuals with the video reviews shown at in-person initial training sessions. By combining the two, you can save a little money. Once you feel prepared, you can take your exams at a testing-only session or through the Pearson VUE computerized testing service.

Commercial and noncommercial applicators who need to recertify in 2024 can do so online, or through one of these other options. Online training will be available for $80 and is set up to be completed at the applicators own pace. In person training will be $95.

Chemigation Training

Chemigators who are either seeking certification for the first time or renewing their existing certification can do so online.

Online Master of Science in Agronomy

With a focus on industry applications and research, the online program is designed with maximum flexibility for today's working professionals.

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