Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Releases 2022 Results Publication

2022 On-Farm Research Results book cover
All Nebraska On-Farm Research results books are free to the public and available as PDF downloads.

Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Releases 2022 Results Publication

Agriculture is an ever-changing industry, and new technologies and practices are constantly being introduced to farmers. With all the options available, choosing which practices to implement can be overwhelming, especially when farm profitability is on the line. Farmers are already making decisions for the 2023 growing season, and on-farm research results can help.

During the 2022 growing season, the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network conducted approximately 70 studies on farmer fields throughout the state, addressing topics such as crop production, fertility and soil management, non-traditional products including biologicals, cover crops, crop protection and equipment.

You can access the results of these studies online in the 2022 On-Farm Research Results publication. The PDF of this year’s publication, along with publications from previous years, is available on the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network’s website. You can download a copy today to get access to reliable research results that provide productivity, profitability and sustainability solutions for your farm.

New this year, several studies in the publication feature links to episodes from the University of Nebraska’s FarmBits podcast to allow you to dive deeper into the technologies tested in the studies.

About the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is a program of Nebraska Extension providing reliable, research-based information for farmers. Since its establishment in 1990, this network has provided research results that have directly benefited Nebraska farmers. In fact, 75% of those who conduct on-farm research put their results into practice and average an increase of $31 per acre.

The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is a resource available to farmers and agronomists throughout Nebraska, and it actively welcomes new participants. By joining the on-farm research network, farmers can seek out answers to questions relating to farm productivity, profitability and sustainability. Research studies cover a variety of topics and can be catered to address specific questions that participating farmers have for their operations. Nebraska Extension educators are actively involved in the research process and supply technical expertise for experiment set-up and result analysis.

To get involved with on-farm research, please contact a member of the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network.

The on-farm research network is a collaborative partnership that includes Nebraska Extension, the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, the Nebraska Soybean Checkoff and the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission. Learn more on the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network site.

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