Case Farms for Farm-level Income and Policy Analysis in Nebraska

Case farm map
Eight counties have been selected across the state for the creation of case farms, which will help policymakers see how changes in economic outlook, farm safety net, or production and management decisions may impact specific enterprises or whole operations. (Center for Ag Profitability image)

Case Farms for Farm-level Income and Policy Analysis in Nebraska

Agricultural producers, professionals, and policymakers often look to long-run projections for the agricultural industry as they make business and policy decisions. They can look to three different baseline projections that are produced by the United States Department of Agriculture, the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI), and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). These baselines provide a 10-year outlook for the agricultural industry from prices and inventories for crops and livestock to international markets and income expenditures. While this information provides insight as to what direction agriculture may move, it can be hard to see the impact at the state and farm level. 

In this article, UNL Department of Agricultural Economics experts discuss the formation of a case farm initiative — a panel of Nebraska producers will help develop case farms representative of the diverse areas across the state to provide a basis for ongoing farm-level income and policy analysis.

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