Announcing: The Soil Health Exchange

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The Soil Health Exchange is a new discussion forum, designed to give producers and ag stakeholders an avenue for direct communication with some of Nebraska's leading soil health experts for help with their soil health concerns, interpreting test reports and more.

Announcing: The Soil Health Exchange

We are excited to introduce "The Soil Health Exchange," our new discussion forum brought to you by CropWatch. This forum represents a pioneering step in bridging the gap between research, extension and on-the-ground practices.

Why is This Important?

  • Bridging Research and Extension: There's often a gap between the discoveries made in research labs and the practices implemented in the field. Our platform aims to close this gap, ensuring that the latest findings and best practices are easily accessible to all who need them.
  • Connecting Key Players: This initiative facilitates direct conversations among scientists, specialists, and the producers and stakeholders who bring these practices to life. We aim to foster a community where knowledge is shared, questions are answered, and collaborations are formed.
  • Backbone of Implementation: Our producers and stakeholders play a vital role. They transform research into reality, ensuring our agricultural systems remain sustainable, productive and resilient. This platform offers them a direct line to the experts.
  • Direct Access to Specialists: Through this forum, we will connect you directly to specialists who can address your specific questions. They will provide structured recommendations to help you navigate and address your queries with expertise.

Specialist Spotlight: From time to time, we will invite specialists to the forum and announce their availability on our page. This provides you with the unique opportunity to direct your questions specifically to these experts.

Soil Test Interpretation and Assistance: Do you have a soil test report or related documents that you need help interpreting? As a producer, you can upload these documents directly to our platform. Our team of experts will assist you in understanding the results.

Submit Your Question Below: Starting today, you can submit your questions by clicking this link. If you require a specific specialist to answer your questions, please utilize our “Request a Specialist” option on the form and we will ensure they are engaged.

Publication and Archiving: All answers provided by our team will be published on CropWatch and archived for future reference. Please be assured that any personal information and uploaded documents will be kept confidential and will not be included in the published responses.

Note: For the most effective response, be as descriptive as possible. Details such as regional specifics and crop production information are crucial to address your soil health concerns accurately.

For any questions regarding the platform, please reach out to:

Visit The Soil Health Exchange

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