Handy Bt Trait Table Updated for 2022 Corn

Handy Bt Trait Table Updated for 2022 Corn

The Handy Bt Trait Table was updated in March 2022 by author Chris DiFonzo, Michigan State University. It lists the types of Bt hybrids present in all commercialized corn in the U.S. in a concise two-page format. It presents the trade names for hybrids with Bt traits, Bt event, protein(s) expressed, targeted insects and herbicide traits.

The table is a useful reference to help understand which hybrids have which traits (both Bt and herbicide tolerance traits). This table can help avoid the development of resistance from using the same traits repeatedly (even if you change hybrids) and will be useful during the field season as you troubleshoot insect injury, or prepare to apply herbicides.

Now in its 20th year, this table has become the standard as an authoritative reference to Bt toxins in corn. See more on the Bt Trait Table site.

BT Trait Table
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