FarmBits Podcast Features Nebraska Extension, On-Farm Research Initiatives

FarmBits Podcast Features Nebraska Extension, On-Farm Research Initiatives

Currently in their third year of production, the FarmBits Podcast host team recently decided that it was time to dive a little deeper into the roots of the podcast — a product of Nebraska Extension. That's exactly why they chose Nebraska Extension and the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network as the focus for FarmBits' 2022 summer season.

The summer episodes explored all that Nebraska Extension has to offer, engaging in interviews with extension educators from across the state, as well as featuring one Nebraska farmer who’s seen firsthand the benefits of participating in on-farm research.

Links to all the summer episodes are included below.

The fall season of FarmBits will air weekly episodes starting Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022. The FarmBits Podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms and YouTube. If you’re interested in learning more about digital and precision agriculture, be sure to subscribe wherever you listen.

FarmBits can be reached on Twitter @UNLFarmBits or by email for questions, comments, or suggestions on new guests and content.

Summer Series Episodes

Episode 069: Nebraska Extension — Investing in the Future of Research

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, farm trials, research, agriculture, extension, extension educators and FarmBits all have one thing in common — Nebraska Extension. In this episode, hosts Kelsey Swantek and Taylor Cross sit down with Laura Thompson, digital ag extension educator, and Taylor Lexow, Nebraska On-Farm Research Network coordinator, to the FarmBits Podcast to kick off the Summer Series focusing on research taking place at the University through Nebraska Extension and Nebraska On-Farm Research Network. This episode aims to educate listeners on Nebraska Extension and what it has to offer, not only for farmers and producers across the state but industry leaders across the United States and beyond.

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Episode 070: UnTAPped Potential

FarmBits Hosts Kelsey Swantek and Katie Bathke chat with Chuck Burr, one of UNL's Water and Cropping Systems extension educators, to discuss some of the digital technology research happening in Nebraska. Burr works with area farmers to test and learn more about best practices when it comes to making management decisions. He dives into the importance of digital technology within Nebraska's water allocation for agriculture through program planning, management decisions, and helping farmers make the most of their resources. Burr also shares his role in cultivating competition to drive innovation within Nebraska.

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Episode 071: Creating Connections for Innovation

FarmBits Hosts Jose Cesario and Katie Bathke interview Nate Dorsey, one of UNL's Water and Cropping Systems extension educators, to talk more about the applications of digital technology research within Nebraska. Dorsey focuses on creating collaborative opportunities between growers and Nebraska Extension to improve decision-making practices by utilizing digital agriculture within grower operations. With extensive experience in the industry and Nebraska Extension, Nate discusses the various applications and adoption of such practices in agriculture today.

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Episode 072: Ag Tech Available for All

FarmBits Hosts Jose Cesario and Katie Bathke sit down with Luan Pereira de Oliveira, one of UNL's Water and Cropping Systems extension educators, to talk more about the various applications within digital technology for agricultural management. Pereira de Oliveira focuses on the implementation of digital technologies varying from planting depth technologies to using drones for crop scouting. His passion for Nebraska Extension is to help bridge the understanding between digital technologies and their utilization within grower operations. Pereira de Oliveira shares his vast agricultural experiences and perspective of where the future of digital agriculture is headed.

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Episode 073: Digital Ag Adoption

FarmBits Hosts Jose Cesario and Taylor Cross speak with Guillermo Balboa, University of Nebraska-Lincoln research assistant professor. With an extensive background in agriculture systems as well as digital agriculture from various countries, Balboa has quite the knowledge and perspective about adoption and usage of these technologies. Whether it is testing crop models, creating digital content or providing free resources for farmers, Nebraska Extension continues to go the extra mile to ensure farmers have what they need to be successful. Tune into this episode to learn more about Balboa experience before and after joining Nebraska Extension.

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Episode 074: Supporting Farmers in Innovation

Digital agriculture can be difficult for some farmers to see the need for adoption. Dean Krull, project coordinator with a dual appointment at UNL and the Central Platte Natural Resource District, has seen the importance of adopting these technologies firsthand. While farming on his own land, he feels the needs and can relate to on-farm research growers. In this episode, you can learn a little more about the work Krull is doing and his contributions to Nebraska Extension's On-Farm Research, as well as his relationship with producers throughout his district.

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Episode 075: Journey to Extension

Hosts Katie Bathke and Kelsey Swantek meet with one of Nebraska Extension's newest extension educators, Bruno Lena. Lena recalls the journey that led him to where he is today, from making a simple choice to pursue agronomy back home in Brazil, to working one-on-one with growers to help improve their operations in Nebraska. Listen as Lena shares his experiences with research-based irrigation, biodiesels, nitrate issues and the implementation of technology to improve efficiency. Lena is all about making connections to help growers maximize their operation for the future of agriculture. If you're interested in what it takes to become a Nebraska Extension educator, you'll want to tune into this episode.

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Episode 076: Nebraska On-Farm Research Network – Farmer Focus

Hosts Taylor Cross and Kelsey Swantek get a look into the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network from a new perspective — a research cooperator participating in his second year of research trials. Glenn Spangler is a grower from Cass County, Nebraska who wanted to improve his understanding of soybean planting population and precision ag technology. After listening to the FarmBits Podcast, Spangler reached out the Nebraska OFRN and was able to set up a study where he got to do just that. Listen to this Farmer Focus episode as Spangler shares his story.

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