#NField Observations for April 2021

#NField Observations for April 2021

Each week Nebraska Extension professionals share their field observations on Twitter. You can find these reports by searching the hashtag #NField on Twitter or by checking back here.

#NField Reports - April 1-April 23, 2021

This week, Extension Educator Ben Beckman discusses the benefits of no-till planting your alfalfa fields this year.

Field Reports - April 2021

Southeast Nebraska Crop Report: April 23, 2021 

By Gary Lesoing

The previous two weeks when we had warmer temperatures, field work was beginning full force. There is a very small percentage of corn planted and fewer soybeans. There has been a pause in planting this week due to very cold temperatures and snow earlier this week. When we had the warmer temperatures, there were a lot of cover crops terminated. Still fertilizer and pre-emergence herbicide being applied and anhydrous ammonia to be applied. With warmer temperatures forecast for early next week, I expect planting to resume full force. Will need to check fields of alfalfa to see if had any damage from the recent freezing temperatures.