FarmBits Podcast: Enabling Insights with FieldView

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Hosted by Samantha Teten and Jackson Stansell — graduate students in UNL's Department of Biological Systems Engineering and Nebraska Extension Digital Agriculture team members — FarmBits Podcast is a weekly series highlighting new innovations and trends in digital agriculture through interviews with academic experts, farmers and industry specialists.

FarmBits Podcast: Enabling Insights with FieldView

In this week’s episode of FarmBits Podcast, Climate Corporation’s Matthew Lau, scripting division global product manager, and Morrison Jacobs, corn modeling lead, join podcast hosts Samantha Teten and Jackson Stansell to discuss how Climate Corporation helps farmers make smarter planting decisions with variable rate seeding prescriptions. Highlights of this episode’s discussions include the methods behind Climate's seeding prescriptions, how Climate is leveraging their relationship with Bayer to enable smarter hybrid recommendations through aggregated data, and Climate’s technological advances that will address farmers' challenges in the future, plus an in-depth look at the benefits of the Climate FieldView platform.

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